This family house had to be restored about 26 years ago because it had fallen into disrepair. The whole house needed urgent repair so we set to work. During the execution we were only able to leave the most stable part of the facade intact. It was a family project. I was there helping wherever I could in my teens. The finished project was a continuation of the  existing structure leaving the stone facade. Also, my father, Salaguti, always added his personal touches to the window casings and original rafter tails, details that make it unique. The house was left empty, only the outer shell was finished.
This Holy Week of 2012, was when I decided to experiment and finish the house as advertised here.I am trying to take the  project forward and hoping with your help to continue the story. The name of the house comes from the material of which it is made, which is a stone common to the area, calcite being the main component forming the stone. Deriving from the Latin calx calcite (cal).
And now let's see the important thing and see how it is layed out. (click on each floor to see the layout)





Casa Rural Sasamon











Here I have selected just a few of the many things you can do:

-HOBBIES: Mushroom picking. 

-POOL: Sasamón has pool and covered picnic area. Great places to enjoy in the summer months.

-TRAILS: There are many hiking, many are marked and indicated with the familiar yellow and white paintings are almost all easy difficulty. Among them is the network of trails in the Little River "Four villages of Amaya." We have all the information with maps and individual files with all the information needed to make these routes, there are up to 15, so you have to choose.

-BTT Routes: More athletic people can also enjoy mountain biking routes marked. There are five points that make up the host of the Centre BTT "Four villages of Amaya." This is where you can find information and obtain everything for the sport, from information on routes, bike rental, GPS, helmets, etc ... We also have guides, maps and tokens to help utilizing the routes. You can see all the information in

-MOTO-ROUTES: Motorcycle enthusiasts can venture forth on the national roads,seeing charming villages.

-CANAL DE CASTILLA: The ability to take a trip through one of the most ambitious projects and a wider view of the eighteenth century is as close as a phone call (628 629997 or and book a boat for a trip of about an hour in which we return to the past.

-PHOTO: Although you may not believe it, is a great place to enjoy photography, color variety of tones throughout the year, it makes you visit as often as you want and you have so many different shots that appear elsewhere in each visit. You have to set your goal small flora and fauna.ast.

-PICTURESQUE LANDSCAPES: From the hills of Sasamón you will enjoy  a clear skyline of Castile and Leon, as far as the eye can see. It is the best place to enjoy a beautiful sunset and at night you can still see the stars in a clear sky.




- Church Gotica. S.XII., second most important in the province of Burgos
- Cloister of the church. S.XV. Beautiful cloister restored a few years ago.
- Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art: Ángel Miguel Arce.
- House-Museum Salaguti: sculptor in wood, stone, concrete, bronze, etc
- San Miguel´s Arc. S.XII. It's the last standing
- Roman bridge. These Romans did things right.
- Hermitage  S. Isidro: Cruz del Humilladero. S.XVI


- Cathedral, Museum of Evolution, historical center


- Spectacular natural landscape


- Convent of Santa Clara

- Collegiate Church







Rent whole house - 7 seats (+1 sup.)

Full Weekend (2 nights) summer: 310 €

Full Weekend (2 nights) winter: 340 €

Increased suplet.: 30 €/ests.

Open Easter, Summer and Bridges.

For any other combination of both number

duration less people or more
or stay under check.

We offer all the help you need to make the most

of your stay.

Created by Andrómeda

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Museo Salaguti

Rutas de senderismo

Rutas en bicicleta de montaña

Rutas en moto

Rutas en coche










-1 DOBLE BEDROOM (mariag bed)




- No use.